The Chapstick Manəˈfestō

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Recipe in development


Melt components together in a double boiler.

A plastic spoon makes a good tester container, holding just enough to get a feel for how it will set up.



Update 2014-12-24

I recently made another batch of samples. I started by melting the remnants of the previous batch, of which 0.635oz remained.

To this, I added 0.695oz of rather mid-grade olive oil. This time I used a spoon to partially fill a half a dozen tubes and handed them out to employees that sit near me.

The result was more pleasing, but still not finished. I used olive oil because the last batch needed to be hardened softened quite a bit. The lower melting point of olive oil felt like it would be the right answer. It did indeed soften the resultant mixture quite a bit. It applies much easier than before. However, it doesn’t last as long.

The first batch would last me almost an entire day before I felt I needed to reapply. Through at least 2 meals and endless hours of sitting at my desk drinking teas. This batch seems to need reapplication at about the 120min mark.

Reviews from coworkers are overwhelmingly positive.

Update 2015-01-06

Correction: previous update had stated that the first batch needed to be hardened when in fact it needed the opposite. Corrected.

Formatting: <pre>, it turns out, isn’t a very helpful markup when you’re writing paragraphs. I’ve replaced it with something that seems more readable.

He now considers the implications of doing some sort of markdown processor.

Date: 2014-Dec-24
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