Haiku de la decimoséptima

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I wrote these Haiku this morning. I was feeling about a hundred things and I just started writing them. They don’t really read with each other well…they are independent.

Deep calls into deep:
My Lord calls my broken heart.
Make me whole again.

Brokenness I need
But how can I deal with it?
It breaks my heart so.

Alone, my heart cries.
Be closer than a brother.
Unto you, draw me.

Beautiful Jesus:
Take my heart and seal it,
Only in your grace.

You comprehend me,
things I cannot understand
Fill my God shaped hole.

Sinner, disgusting.
My perfect inability.
Help me find your grace.

Gracious you stole me,
When I was full of inept.
Thankyou great ‘I am’.

Give me strength Jesus
To make it through this great day
Today is daunting.

Date: 2009-Apr-17
Tags: faith
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