Here I am: a tweener

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In the old days a ‘tweener’ was a job. It may still be. A tweener would work in an animation studio as an artist. Think Bugs Bunny style animation. In the studio, the design artist would put together most of the ‘keyframes’ for the toon sequence. In between the keyframes needed to be added a lot of frames which made the animation smooth and appear to be real motion. The people that drew these filler frames were called tweeners because their frames were just in-between the keyframes.

I feel like a tweening frame. I used to have all sorts of definition and direction in my life. I had some idea of a goal to be fulfilling in my life: school. Now my goal is to live. Whats the purpose of living? To live. Strangely circular. I feel like I am waiting for new orders after having completed the last objective.

Its not particularly depressing…its just weird.

Date: 2008-Dec-08
Tags: life
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