Steppers have arrived

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I received six stepper motors via UPS today. A great e-bay find. I paid $8 each and a total of $9 shipping for the lot! Some digging didn’t reveal much as to the actual cost of these steppers, but other, fairly similar steppers on the Oriental Motor Co website are priced at or above $90. The steppers sold by the Reprap Research Foundation store are $25 and have similar specifications.

Some statistics (for my reference):

Manufacturer: Oriental Motor Co, LTD
Model: Vexta Stepping Motor
L * W * H: 2.36" * 2.36" * 1.62" (5.99cm * 5.99cm * 4.06cm)
Screw Mounts: 1.812" * 1.812" (4.602cm * 4.602cm)
Shaft length: 0.59" (1.498cm)
Shaft Diameter: 1/4" round, with a flat on one side
Type: 4 wire Bi-Polar
Current per phase: 1.4 Amps
Step Size: 1.8° / step
Max holding torque: 77 oz * in (???)
Rotor Inertia: 0.66 oz * in * in (120.71 g*cm*cm)
Voltage: DC 4V
Phase count: 2

I also snagged, from the same seller, two peltier coolers for a total of about $7 – I didn’t exactly have a use planned for these but I figured that I can find one. Besides that, who can pass up $3 for a peltier? I have been drooling over these in catalogs for about a decade and couldn’t resist!

Peltier Statistics:

I Max: 3.5
V Max: 9.80
ΔT Max: 55.00
Qc Max: 21.00

Date: 2008-Sep-30
Tags: steppers 3dprinting
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