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Javascript Password Generator

Download: Javascript Password Generator 1.1

A fast and effective Javascript Password generator with support for exempt characters (I,O,0,l to name a few that can be annoying) and variable password lengths.

Designed for use in the administrator side of a user managment system to create secure passwords for reset.

Credit Card Number Validator

Download: Javascript Credit Card Number Validator

A lightning fast implementation (as efficient as I could think to make it) of the Luhn algorithm coupled with a length and prefix credit card validator based on a small table of popular credit card fingerprints. Included is a function to identify the creditor from the card number.

Included in the credit card fingerprint database are: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Visa, Mastercard.

Designed for speed to be implemented by the onkeyup event handler of an input field in order to check against typographical errors when a user is entering a credit card account number.

No server side authentication is used to actually validate an account being attached to the number.

Date: 2006-Jun-05
Tags: javascript
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