ti83 prime numbers

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So up until now, most of my calculus class has been review work. We have been checking out things like linear functions, polynomials, exponential decay and all that jazz. So…being a computer science student I did the best thing I could do to pass the time: I played on my calculator.

I came up with a pretty interesting program I call primegen. This program runs forever, searching out prime numbers and storing them in a list. It is designed so that you can let it sit on your desk during class and let it calculate until you need your calculator. Then, push the on key and it will quit to let you do your calculations. Next time you start it up it will pick up where it left off.

I copied the program to my computer and uploaded it for all to see.

Download TI-83 PrimeGen (programmed on TI-83 Plus Silver Edition)

I also am going to upload a radical reducer program that I made in high school.

A quick, simple, and clean program to reduce radicals (square roots). I originally wrote this program in High School during my Algebra II class and have caried it with me ever since. It is smart about choosing the number range to guess about the factoring possibilities, but it is still just a guessing engine.

Download TI-83 Radical Reducer

Date: 2006-Feb-10
Tags: calculator ti-basic
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