My name is Robert Carpenter. I like to say that I make the internet. I build web applications, automate servers, compile and analyze data, and query databases en masse. I wrote my first HTML page way back in 1997, and "published" on the now defunct geocities for several years. I've been working professionally as a developer since 2007.


I regularly write code in PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, prototypejs, Ruby, Rails, bash, Arduino, C++, and SQL. I've been so far as to dabble in too many languages to mention in good conscience, but a Bachelors degree in Computer Science will do that to you. I enjoy coding with a version control system and my preference is git. As a result, where possible, much of my coding work is published on github.


I ran my own web design and IT service company for 3 years while living in Durango, CO. While testing out the waters of the mountain entrepreneurship I helped design and build several small business networks for reliability, forward compatibility, and ease of use. I also took on a few website design clients, most of which are still with me today.

These days I work full time at Gloo as a Ruby and Rails hacker.

Digital Life:

I try and take pictures whenever I see the opportunity and I post them on flickr. I spend time every now and again on reddit. I regularly tweet about happenings in my life and events thereabout. I'm robacarp just about everywhere including: Google Plus, facebook, and too many more.

Analog Life:

I'm a regular attendee at a Christian church in Boulder. I believe in the God of the Bible and my world is structured around this belief system. To encourage my faith I attend a life group with people my age, go on mission trips whenever I can get time off, enjoy leading a weekly Bible study, and spend time as often as possible reading the Bible.

I love to play music. I've been a drummer for a long time. I'm now actively learning piano and have been known at one time or another to play violin, flute, any manner of percussion instruments, and the few and far between song on guitar.

I occasionally rock climb and boulder around indoors and out. I've been known to ride a bike, and I enjoy hiking and backpacking.